Fees & Terms


VEDA Advantage Search (CRAA) $ 50.00
Letter of Demand
$ 50.00
Baycorp Advantage Default (CRAA)
$ 40.00
Consultation Fee
$ 60.00 per hour
Court Appearances – Commercial Agent
$ 60.00 per hour
Document Preparation and Court Filing
$ 60.00 each
Document Service (Process Server)
$ 70.00
Writ of Execution (Sheriff Seizure)
$ 78.00


A 15% fee on all debts recovered by Universal Business Services is payable by you the client.

Services will be performed within the regulations of the NSW Commercial & Private Inquiry Agents act of 2004 and Veda Advantage Ltd.

The current NSW Local Courts schedule of fees will apply.

GST will apply where applicable.

All accounts are payable within 7 days from date of invoice unless prior arrangements have been made with the directors of Universal Business Financial Services Pty Ltd.


All stall Staff hold applicable NSW Licences.