Debt Recovery

Cash is the lifeblood of every business.

But at a time when businesses are under pressure from all sides, late payment can become the norm and some bills are simply not paid at all.

Businesses which are otherwise sound can be dragged under if their burden of bad debt and late payment becomes too much to bear.

The law provides a number of avenues for pursuing debts but the cost of collecting debts through the courts in the traditional way can dissuade creditors from pursuing money, which is rightfully theirs.

Faced with solicitors’ bills for issuing letters and then taking a claim before the courts and knowing that costs are hardly ever awarded when smaller sums are being pursued, creditors can be tempted to simply write-off debts of say less than $1,000.


Universal Business Services UBS operate a specialist debt- recovery department, which can substantially reduce the cost of collecting overdue debts. This relieves solicitors of the work associated with formulating and pursuing claims. The result is a highly efficient and flexible system, which allows for the inexpensive collection of debts from $100 to $60,000.

How does the system work?

UBS does not depend entirely on a computer based system. We attempt to provide a rather more personalised service which we feel offers creditors the additional comfort of being able to discuss each and every debt on a case by case basis. Further, we aim to provide a ‘follow up’ service following the first letter of demand so that where a debtor fails to respond to the initial letter of demand we will telephone to warn that if payment is not received then court proceedings will be issued.

On the day we receive instructions from you, a letter is sent to the debtor warning of the intention to take court action. If this does not produce payment, you are notified and instructions are taken from you as to the issue of court proceedings, up to and including the warrant of execution on the judgement.

If a debtor enters a defence, we will pursue the claim, subject to your instructions.


What will it cost?

Initially, all you pay is a $45.00 set-up fee which includes issuing a letter of demand telling the debtor that you intend to take action. That initial fee also includes a ‘follow-up’ telephone call (if necessary) warning the debtor that if payment is not received, then court proceedings will be issued.

If there is no positive response to our letter demanding payment and you and you do not wish to take the matter any further, you will pay no more.

If the debt is under $60 000 and court proceedings are issued you will simply pay the court fees and licenced commercial agent fee of $60 per hour. Your legal commercial agent fees are substantially cheaper than solicitor fees.

If legal representation is advised due to the difficulty of the case or if the matter is above $60000, we will consult with you regarding the advisability and UBS will still handle your matter through our legal associates.

It is only once a debt has been recovered, we charge the percentage of the funds collected as per our schedule of fees..

What is my next step?

To begin your debt recovery contact us now!

Take Action!

The longer accounts are past due the less chance you have to recover your money and when you are successful the money is not worth the full amount to you.

Diminishing Debt Value over time