Company Profile


Universal Business Services is a Debt Collection Agency which is wholly owned by Universal Business Financial Services Pty Ltd and is based in Sydney.

We were founded by professionals in the commercial, retail, and collection and finance fields, and have always adhered to the philosophy that a hands on, personalised approach to collections yields the best results.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of our company to be successful in complementing the credit departments of all the clients we represent.

All parts of the recovery process are significant, from the collector that works to resolve your recovery needs, to the field agents, or attorneys that handle the more formal actions when necessary.

Our company is an extension of our client's credit department and as such we demand the highest standard of professionalism among all our employees and representatives.

You are the most important asset to our business. We are totally committed to meeting your requirements and to constantly exceeding your expectations which means you can be confident that we will deliver what we promise.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people have the greatest impact influencing payment.

Well trained collectors are more productive maintaining flexible relationships through our; Back to Basics collections process which emphasises quality calls allowing our people to manage their time helping the debtor find ways to pay.

This basic approach has helped us grow into one of the fastest growing agencies in the industry.


Great care is taken in the hiring and training of all personnel to assure that professionalism is maintained on all levels.

We seek to only hire collectors with extensive collection experience with suitable licences.

While our primary objective is to collect the monies, we are also concerned with maintaining the continued goodwill of our clients. We have a strict code of ethics in force which we constantly monitor in order to protect your best interest as our client.

Our Commitment

We pledge to make the experience of working with UBFS an enjoyable one.

From the time a decision is made to refer accounts or make needed changes to your in-house collection effort, we are committed to making the entire collection process a smooth and profitable one for you.